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3 Tips for Easy Pattern Mixing

January 23, 2018

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Who’s ready to learn some starter tips for pattern mixing? We’ve got more tips coming your way, but here’s a quick start guide for you!

1. Mix a small print with a larger print. You’ll see that the subtle stripes on our Blake Dress pair well with the larger pattern on our Intarsia Scarf. ⠀

2. Make sure your two prints share at least one common color: we’ve used cream as the common color in this dress + scarf duo!⠀

3. Just like we recommended with our bracelets stack tips, keep your pattern mixing within the same color family. We’ve stuck to dusty colors in this combo: dusty olive, navy, pink, & brown. ⠀

We double dog 🐕 🐕 dare ya to try a little pattern mixing tomorrow.
Happy styling, friend!


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