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Hold Onto Your Hard Work

February 20, 2018

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Look closely and you’ll find my Valentine’s Day gift from Chris. I cried when he gave it to me. ⠀

Rewind to a few months back when I was in a clearing out mood and donated or threw out 90% of things in our house. ⠀

In one of the piles, Chris caught a special bolt of fabric that I had cast out of site.⠀

I thought it was donated. Chris hid it in the garage.⠀

He ordered a sewing machine. He taught himself how to sew. ⠀

…and he made a killer clutch for me with that fabric.⠀

Why is the fabric so special you might ask?⠀

Our business started as a fashion truck (that Chris built out with his own hands) in October 2016. We used that fabric to cover the back wall of our fashion truck with curtains, behind which we would store all of our extra inventory during a truck event. ⠀

Every night after we would wrap up a party, C + I would pass through those curtains what seemed like a million times to secure everything back in place to drive, and then we’d pass through those curtains one last time to take our seats, him the driver, me the co-pilot.⠀

Running that fashion truck, and running our business has always been a lot of hard work. The sweat and tears we shed in that fashion truck did not stop when we opened a brick and mortar.⠀

Hard, hard work.⠀

Just like our business, we have had to put a lot of hard work into our marriage. Those yahoos that make marriage look easy on the internet? Remember that these are highlight reels and anyone that’s ever really walked life with someone knows that strong relationships in any form are not really, well *easy.*⠀

We’ve been married for 5 years now and we’ve had life smack us in the face a few times completely outside of our control. Toss in running a business together and that’s some deep doo doo you’re wading through together.⠀

I love this clutch because it’s hand made by a person who always reminds me to look back at how far we’ve come when I only want to look forward to how much we have left to do. ⠀

Maybe, like me, you need that reminder too. In your business. In your marriage. As a mom.⠀

Don’t toss the memories of hard work aside. Hold onto them with gratitude.⠀



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