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Refined + Equipped

March 20, 2018

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My friend Kristin walked through the door with this guy in the navy shirt Sunday afternoon and I dropped all the clothes in my hands. I was speechless. ⠀

Standing in the door of 713 Tucker St. in Downtown Raleigh was my boss from my Corporate Days who taught me everything I know about leading with integrity (and humor).⠀

It’s been 3 years since leaving my job as Vice President of Change Management + Communications, a job that gave me the opportunity to live in London and work in NYC, Singapore, Switzerland, and Poland.⠀

Everyone thought I was an idiot when I left, but I knew that I was called to something more.⠀

Maybe you’re sitting at your job right this very minute and you know that to be true for yourself too.⠀

Here’s what I want you to know today: your current season is preparing you for your next. Embrace gratitude, even on the toughest days.⠀

I’m grateful for a senior manager in Switzerland who spit in my face. It gave me tough skin.⠀

I’m grateful to have been exposed to management styles that didn’t give everyone a voice. It taught me how I want to manage a team, and use our customer’s voice as the foundation of what we do.⠀

I’m grateful to have been put through a trying (and embarrassing ha!) week of hands on corporate training with trainers that led peace treaty negotiations in The Middle East. It taught me how to negotiate for my business when shiitake hit the fan behind the scenes.⠀

The toughest days in corporate taught me resilience. Resilience that would years later give me the energy each morning to wake up and run a small business.⠀

Even if you wish you could skip ahead to your next season, be encouraged: nothing is wasted. You are being refined + equipped for the days ahead.⠀

Stay grateful,⠀

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