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Struggle Builds Confidence

April 3, 2018

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I was asked to be a speaker at HQ Raleigh this morning to share some inspiration with budding social entrepreneurs. A sweet attendee asked one of my favorite questions during the Q&A period:⠀

‘Can you tell us about times you’ve struggled and how you’ve handled that?’⠀

I love this question because I never want to paint entrepreneurship as all sparkles and rainbows.⠀

Short answer: I struggle every day and I have been known to cry on the floor with my face down beating the floor with my fists while sobbing ‘Jesus, whyyyyyyyyyyyyy?’⠀

Some have been silly, small roadblocks; others huge ones that I couldn’t see a way past.⠀

My personal life has mirrored my biz life as an entrepreneur.⠀

I was listening to @goodmorningamerica this morning and they were featuring the author of a new book about raising teen girls called ‘The Confidence Code.’ ⠀

The findings of their study? *Struggle* is the biggest way to build confidence.⠀


They talked about the importance of letting your daughters fail and to encourage them to take risks.⠀

I think we, as women, need to hear that reminder too:⠀

Struggle builds confidence. ✨⠀

So many times we are not in control of the outcome of our struggles, but we are in control of our outlook.⠀

Maybe you’re in the middle of some confidence building in your life. ⠀

In my biggest biz failures, I’ve gained confidence that one defeat doesn’t ruin your life’s mission even though it may seem like it in the moment.⠀

And in my darkest personal struggles, my confidence in my faith has flourished.⠀

Hold on tight for the ups and downs of life, friend. May the ‘down’ moments or seasons help your confidence rise!⠀




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