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Unfollow Her (please)

April 9, 2018

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Last year around this time, I did some ‘Spring cleaning’ that changed my life in a drastic way. And it had nothing to do with items in my home.⠀

I unfollowed her. On Instagram. And on Facebook.⠀

Although she didn’t intend to, she made me feel less than. I compared my life to hers and wondered…⠀

…why she had it so easy, and my life always seemed like a cluster.⠀

…how did her makeup always look so perfect. And her home. And her kids. ⠀

…how was she always so happy? Did she ever cry? ⠀

I told myself I was sticking around for outfit and trend inspiration when in reality she took from me more than she gave. She had convinced me that my life somehow SUCKED.⠀

I realized I couldn’t blame her. I was the one choosing to stick around in this online friendship; I wasn’t guarding my heart.⠀

In an effort to reclaim my worth, and fight back from the lies I was telling myself on the daily, I unfollowed her.⠀

When I say that I unfollowed her, I actually unfollowed more than 500 people.⠀

I gave myself a limit of only following 100 folks + with a strict rule. Each of those people had to give me life giving energy to conquer my day. For me, this meant they had to live a transparent, vulnerable life.⠀

All of the experts will tell you that you are the summation of the Top 5 people you spend the most time with.⠀

Nowadays, most of us spend more time with the gals we follow online than with our ‘in real life’ friends.⠀

Social media gets a bad wrap, but I truly think it can be life giving when we actively choose with whom we hang out.⠀

Instead of continuing to passively follow folks that set off your personal triggers, I challenge you to choose wisely. It impacts your heart.⠀

Tonight, I want you to unfollow her. Tap that ‘unfollow’ button over and over again. ⠀

It’s the type of Spring Cleaning that can set you on a more confident, joy-filled trajectory for the seasons ahead.⠀



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