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June 22, 2018

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How ya feeling’ today, friend?

Are you feeling like you crushed it this week, or are you feeling like the odds were stacked against you?

I’m coming to you from my couch this morning where both my knees are in braces and I’ve got ice piled on top of them.

I dislocated both of my knees yesterday at the gym…

…not lifting a barbell or heavy weights…

but by doing the worm.

(Please LAUGH!)



I’m resting my knees so that I can hopefully stand and preach my first sermon on Sunday (instead of having to preach while sitting in a chair #bless).

If you’re in the boat of ‘This week was a tough one,’ I wanted to send a little encouragement your way.

I tell my Team Flourish Gals that there are two types of reactions when things don’t go as we’d hoped: ⠀

1) Make an excuse. ⠀
2) Focus on a solution.⠀


It’s Summer for us which I’ve mentioned before is a slow (dead) season for retail.  It’s a big bummer for small businesses like ours, and most boutiques watch their sales plummet June – August.

Here’s what an excuse sounds like:

Consumers don’t spend money in the Summer so we’re not going to hit our wildly aggressive impact targets.

On the flip side, here’s what a solution sounds like: 

Let’s get creative and serve up events that inject fun + excitement into our customers’ lives.

Back in May, when discussing the slow Summer season, our team came up with the idea for an Ice Ice 80’s weekend at the shop.

And this week, we pulled together all the details into a video that we hope makes you laugh.

More than laughing, we hope this encourages you to get creative in your own life in how you can flip the script to be solution-oriented.

One thing I love about our team is that we will do anything to stay on track for our impact goals, even if that means putting on dumb clothes, blue eye shadow, and rapping strange lyrics while people look in our Downtown store window wondering why we’re so strange!



The women that make our jeans in Mexico? Our pretty studs in Nashville? Our gorgeous leather bags in Ethiopia? Our paper bead necklaces in Uganda? ⠀Our dainty necklaces in India?  Our tees + dresses in Nepal?

When I’m tempted to throw myself a pitty party and sulk at what life has thrown my way, I remember that the women behind our products usually don’t have that luxury. ⠀

They find solutions.⠀

Sometimes I get too comfortable with making excuses, and maybe you do too.⠀

This week, I challenge you to catch yourself making an excuse and flip it into a solution. And if you’re up for sharing it with me, message me on Instagram with your win. 👊

To creating solutions,






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