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To Playing Big

June 15, 2018

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I’m writing to you from a hotel room in Hotlanta after an incredible week in Minneapolis with my mastermind sisters in Minneapolis.

I nervously, but with great excitement + hope, made the biggest investment in our business this past December when I joined Jenna Kutcher’s mastermind for 2018.

What’s a mastermind?  Well, mine is a group of 25 women entrepreneurs from all over the U.S. that meet together monthly to learn + grow together and make shiz happen for a bigger purpose.

Why did I join?  I knew I was playing small.  And I could no longer stomach that.

I wanted to play BIG for you.  To serve you big.  To show up big.  To vision cast big.  And to shake up your world for the better in a big ol’ way.

And I needed help figuring out how to do that!

We kicked off in Waco in January, and have met every month since via online workshops with Jenna + as a group to chat dreams, progress, and to be held accountable.  These women have become like sisters to me, and we talk daily.

We were back together in person this week in Minneapolis, and we did a very powerful exercise that I wanted to share with you in hopes that you could integrate this into your own life.

It was called a hot seat (and it was actually my favorite exercise from our time together in January too!).

Here’s how it went…

We broke into groups of 5.

I had 2 minutes to tell the group my biggest problem.  Here was mine: How do I play big for our customers using my strengths + gifts?

They had 2 minutes to ask clarifying questions and hear my answers.  I always love sharing about you!

And then a 5 minute timer started where they passed my phone around the circle and recorded their ideas on a voice note.

The kicker?

I couldn’t talk AT ALL.  

I couldn’t steer them in a safe direction.  I couldn’t tell them their idea wouldn’t work.  I couldn’t tell them I wasn’t gifted or quipped enough to do what they were saying.

I had to sit there with my mouth shut and listen to the potential these girls saw in me.

I remember Jenna saying 2 ideas for me that made me feel so uncomfortable.  They were ideas that were too big.  I wanted to stop her and say ‘but…I don’t know / have x, y, or z.’

But somehow as I sat quietly and listened to the other gals get fired up and pile on the affirmations about my gifts + how I could serve you in big, big ways, I started to believe they were right.

They started to drown out my own fearful voice in my head.

By the time the 5 minute timer went off, I had already decided to rise to the occasion and take those 2 ideas forward.

All I can say is 2018’s about to get real, friend!

When is the last time you sat with people that loved + supported you and let them speak truth over your life without deflecting with a ‘but’?

My challenge for you this week is to sit with a friend — or 5 — and humbly ask them what they see as your strengths / gifts + what purpose they see you serving in this world.  One rule: don’t say a word, and soak it all in.

In life, we need people to show us what’s possible for us because it’s so hard for us to see it ourselves.

On that note, mark your calendars for July 9th.  That morning, my podcast episode with Jenna goes live, and I hope it serves to speak truth into your life.

Jenna and I talk all things influence, legacy, + the hardest things I’m saying out loud publicly for the first time — all to encourage you to make your mess your message.

If you have something you’ve been too scared to share, I guess you should let someone with half a million followers use their platform to share it, right?  (Wink)

To learning to play big,


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