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To Squashing the Stigma

June 8, 2018

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It’s okay to not be okay. ✨⠀

Making that first phone call to a therapist can be absolutely terrifying. ⠀

Shiitake hit the fan in my life 2.5 years ago and I remember sitting sobbing at my desk looking over 5 therapist recommendations from my friend / pastor, wondering how I was going to find the strength to say things out loud about what had happened and why I was seeking help.⠀

I mustered up the courage to leave the first therapist on the list a voicemail at 10pm one night.⠀

When she called me back the next morning, she told me that what I was describing was outside her realm of treatment or comfort level. And over the next 2 days, this happened with all four of the other recommendations as well.⠀

They all gave me other recommendations and I would pick up the phone and leave yet another voicemail. You would think that saying the same things out loud over and over again would get easier, but it never did.⠀

15 more therapists told me they couldn’t help me.⠀

Do you know how I felt hearing that?  Crazy. Alone. And worst of all, unfixable.⠀

My friend / pastor never gave up. She kept reaching out to her network to find more options. ⠀

She gave me one last referral. It was the 21st therapist I called that week. And I miraculously got an appointment the next day.⠀

Every time I post about therapy, I get private messages the next day from folks who have found that courage within and made that call to schedule that first appointment. So, I’ll keep posting.⠀

Three things to note:⠀

👉 It’s not easy.⠀
👉 You’re stronger than you think.⠀
👉 There’s light at the end of the tunnel. So much light!⠀

My therapist has walked with me through the very worst days of my life and also my best. I can look back now and see the joy + promise that was still present in even those hard days on her couch.⠀

Are you walking through a tough time? ⠀

Reach out to a friend or pastor for therapist recommendations or visit to find someone that can help you navigate becoming healthy and whole again. ⠀

If they can’t help you, keep picking up the phone and trying again and again.⠀

Your battle doesn’t have to be a silent one.

To squashing the stigma,


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