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To Vulnerability Hangovers

June 29, 2018

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I must admit that today I’m coming to you with a bit of a vulnerability hangover.  Ever had one of those?  

Current thought: Dear Lord, I shared too much and now I can’t take it back.



This past Sunday changed me.  For the first time, I shared my story publicly.  And it was such a healing experience for me.

My pastor asked me to give a shot at preaching and after months of preparation, at the last minute, I decided to ditch my original sermon and talk about the storms of life.

For most of my life, I felt so alone in my struggles.  People weren’t saying hard things out loud so my assumption was that no one else struggled.

When life got really hard + traumatic 3 months after we launched our business, I found great comfort in scouring the internet to find people processing their storms out loud: what it was like in their darkest moments, in their every day, + what helped them overcome.


So, I went there.  It was time.

Time to say the hard things out loud in hopes that you would feel less crazy and know that you are not alone.

Today, I wanted to share the podcast recording of my sermon with you.  I discuss in depth my last 2.5 years of living through what felt like hell.

If you’ve ever wondered where God is when life gets (really) hard, here are my raw and honest thoughts.⠀

And if that sounds heavy, it is…but I threw in some things that I hope will make you laugh out loud too 😉

Special note: I struggled with whether to share this recording via email or not as you may not share the same faith as me.

But, after sharing it on Instagram and getting hundreds of positive ‘thank you’ messages from folks who aren’t Christians – and have, in fact, been burned badly by Christians – I had a gut feeling that I should share it here.

No matter what your beliefs are, I invite you to listen in…and if you have a friend that’s going through a storm, send this their way would ya?



This is me.  I am not my story, but my story has shaped me into who I am and why I care so deeply about meeting you where you are.

The same goes for every single gal on Team Flourish.  Each of them has a story that has made them very passionate about reminding you of your worth.

We desperately want to help you to break free from the lies you tell yourself.

With so much love and peace,







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