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10 Memories To Make Before Summer Ends

July 20, 2018

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(A weekly post dedicated to dishing out a fun recommendation to help you fill your cup…because we know you give so much of yourself to others!)


We anticipate the Summer months, look forward to fun filled sunny days + have the best of intentions to make the most the most of the season.  But you know how it goes — life happens, schedules fill up and before we know it summer passes right before our eyes!


In an attempt to help you stop and savor the Summer moments, we’ve come up with a list of 10 Memories To Make Before Summer Ends.  There’s still time!  You don’t need to book a vacation to make this summer a memorable one.  Call it a stay-cation, explore your own city + snap a few pics along the way!



  1. Host a dinner party and game night- gather your co-workers or besties, cook dinner at home and find an old game in the back of your closet. But beware of Settlers of Catan, it has  been known to ruin friendships!
  2. Make a great new playlist. Listen to this while driving to vacation or just hyping yourself up for work one day!
  3. Take a spontaneous day trip- head to the beach, mountains, or maybe just Ikea.
  4. Break out of your workout box- try a new type of class. We love yoba, spin, and dare we say it, a hip-hop dance class!
  5. Check one thing off your bucket list or go enjoy that thing you have always wanted to do.  For me, I have always regretted missing the sunflower field in Raleigh before the flowers died each summer.  So, this year, we made it happen! What’s on your list that you finally want to conquer this Summer?
  6. Find an outdoor movie! Locals we recommends NCMA or host one of your own at home if you can’t find one nearby (all you need is a projector and a blank wall, or heck, just drag your TV outside!
  7. Enjoy where you are and who you are with (science tells us that it only takes 15 seconds to really savor a moment). So look around, take a deep breath in and find gratitude whether you are at the beach or just in your backyard.
  8. Get outside as much as possible! Visit a garden, take a hike, run on a trail, or head to your nearest flower field.  Locals – we love the shade offered on the Raleigh Greenway trial during the hot Summer months.
  9. Catch up with a friend you have not seen in a while! Set aside time to invest in friendship.
  10. Make some homemade popsicles- this is super easy and you can even make sangria popsicles or mojito popsicles. That’s a definite YAS in our books!



Let’s make the most of the long days + warm Summer nights with this Summer bucket list!  Take a deep breath + smile at these sweet Summer memories in the making!


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  1. Romona Kinlaw says:

    Oh my good EM, I just love you! You inspire me weekly. I look so forward to each new e-mail. As it has been said “What’s your dash” gonna say about you? We all need to leave a legacy. Romona Kinlaw, Wilm, NC

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