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July 6, 2018

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(A weekly post dedicated to dishing out a fun recommendation to help you fill your cup…because we know you give so much of yourself to others!)


Follow Jenna Kutcher on Instagram: She’s my mastermind leader, a fellow enneagram #3, and one of the biggest encouragers + supporters in my life.

She spends her days championing women on social media by sharing the real deal about her life.  She’s been through 2 miscarriages, a heck of a lot of body shaming, and yet she remains one of the top body positive babes on the internet.

So many of you have thanked me for telling you to follow her, so I wanted to give her a shout here for all to follow!

On Monday, she’ll be pointing more eyes our way than have ever been on our business as our podcast goes live.  Follow her here and thank her on Monday for the shout out!




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