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Em’s Podcast with Jenna Kutcher!

July 13, 2018

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If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know that our message was spread far and wide Monday morning as my podcast interview with Jenna Kutcher went live on her (Top 5 in iTunes) podcast platform.

Wednesday was my 33rd birthday and one of my favorite parts of my day was reading through message after message from you about your new outlook on the legacy you want to leave behind on this earth.


Each birthday is a reminder that I want that dash on my gravestone between the year I was born and the year I died to represent something specific + good.  Something dang good.

While I promise my Friday morning emails aren’t usually this morbid (wink), here’s the thing: I know that you, too, deeply desire to live a purposeful life.

And I hope listening to this podcast episode will change the way you view your life + what you’re capable of…no matter what life throws your way!

Here’s your invitation this morning: 

  1. Tune in to Jenna + I’s podcast on all things influence + legacy.
  2. Leave Jenna a *thoughtful* review on iTunes here and we’ll choose one of you to win a $300 gift card!  This is THE best way that as a tribe we can thank Jenna for using her platform to share our message.
  3. Take this 2 question survey I mention in the podcast to score your 15% OFF shopping pass.  We want to hear your lingering thoughts + setbacks so we know what type of content to create to help you live a meaningful life.



Need some extra encouragement to take the time to listen in?  Here’s a peek into what we discuss…


👉 The time in corporate that I almost peed in my pants, specifically my crisp white linen Banana Republic suit.⠀

👉 Going through what felt like hell and back, and the big lesson I learned that everyone needs to hear.⠀

👉 Why we back down from influence, and how to instead start playing big.⠀

👉 5 tips for winning others over that no one is telling you.⠀

👉 Two questions to ask yourself that truly have the ability to change the trajectory of your life.⠀

Friend.  Take time to encourage your heart today and put some fire in your bones! 🔥⠀


Listen in here!


To an intentional dash,


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