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Zero Foxes

July 3, 2018

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I can tell this story now because my boss from my corporate days (before I moved to London) officially retired last week.⠀

I roasted him at his retirement party last week, and told this story…⠀

The year was 2009 and I was the ripe ol’ age of 24.   The Executive Board of our 50,000 person company was flying in from Switzerland to Raleigh for their first visit. ⠀

My boss, the site head for the Raleigh office, was tasked with playing host to them for their one day visit. ⠀

The day was going well despite everyone being on the edge of their seats, and shortly before 3pm, my boss announced to the Executive Board that he needed to leave for a very important meeting at 3pm.⠀

I panicked and thought what in the WORLD could be more important than ensuring an impressive visit from the most important people in the Investment Bank when the economy was so tumultuous?!⠀

He asked me to get in a limo ALONE with all of the Executive Board members and told them that I would be giving them a 2 hour tour of Raleigh before dropping them off at the private plane lot at the airport.⠀

As we walked out the door I said “WHAT IS YOUR MEETING?!”⠀

His response?  “I’m headed to the beach with my family.”⠀

That day, I learned the definition of giving zero foxes even though it wasn’t yet a term really used.⠀

Jim taught me to give zero foxes about the things that don’t truly matter, but to give all the foxes in the world for the people that DO.⠀

I hope Jim’s legacy gives you a little encouragement today.

To legacy,



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  1. I adore this! So so important for us to put our loved ones first. What a great legacy indeed. Loving your posts!

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