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My Best Tip for Meaningful Productivity

August 17, 2018

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How are you feeling about the week you’ve just had?  Are you feeling tired?  Run down?  And maybe like you didn’t get the things done that are actually important because life came at you with a whole bunch of crazy?

This week, we had an insane line-up of events, hundreds of new arrivals coming through our doors, + some *big* decisions to make as a company.  And our next week ahead is going to be full of all the things too.

I get asked A LOT how I manage to do ‘all the things.’

First of all, I don’t.  Team Flourish is 9 women strong and we absolutely LOVE working hard (+ playing hard) together.

But I do know that one of my strengths lies in being able to prioritize our team’s focus + my personal focus on the RIGHT things, not all the things.

This week, I wanted to bring you a behind the scenes look into our business + my life, and talk about productivity + preservation of our most precious resources: our time + energy.

My friend Marie Wold interviewed me on her Grind + Be Grateful Podcast and for the first time ever, I gave a behind the scenes look into how I ‘run’ our business.

This episode is not just for entrepreneurs, though.  I was actually talking to EVERY woman that’s ever wanted to live a more meaningful life + learn to believe in herself again.  And I give you some tangible tips to do so, business owner or not!

If you had told me a year ago that I would have been asked by a fitness industry star to talk to her about my journey to getting fit mentally + physically I would have said ‘HILARE. LIES!’

But here I find myself, putting my embarrassing moments out there on blast for you, sister!

If you’re searching for…⠀

– actionable tips for productivity (+ my ONE key thing that I do each day that will change your life and / or business forever!)⠀

– how to preserve the most precious resources we have: our time + energy⠀

-affirmation that it’s okay to have 24,000 unread emails + 500 unread text messages (+ why I think that’s a GOOD thing)⠀

– tough love to wake up to your current reality (+ the true story of why I started Crossfit)⠀

…then this episode is for YOU, lady!⠀


Marie also asked me some really fun questions like:⠀

– ‘In your group of friends, what role do you play?’ ⠀

– ‘If you could re-live any day again, what would it be?’⠀

-‘What’s one thing you’re grinding towards, and one thing you’re grateful for?’⠀

If you tune in, you’ll hear me reveal a big secret of something we have coming your way this Fall that all you entrepreneurs have been begging me for! ⠀

Tune in via this link and email me back with any changes you’re going to commit to make after listening in. I’d love to hear from you + encourage you. ⠀

To the right kind of productivity,

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