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Burn the White Flag

August 31, 2018

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Today, I’m comin’ in hot with something for you that hit me hard this week + gave me new breath in my lungs.

A few days ago, my friends texted me the YouTube video of the music video for the song ‘White Flag.’

They knew I was facing a hard few days in front of me and that anxiety and the fears in my head were telling me to throw up the white flag…to give up, and not press forward.

Have you ever felt like that?  As if something or someone has power over you, and you feel absolutely paralyzed?

When I received that text from my friends I realized that I was throwing up the white flag without even realizing that’s what I was doing.

This song is a confident defiance of surrender.  And you’re going to want to watch this video right now.




What has power over you right now that has you throwing up the white flag?  

Maybe it’s your fear of what others will think.  Maybe it’s a dream that just seems too big to start.  Maybe it’s your depression.  Maybe it’s a person whose words and / or actions are oppressing you.

No matter what (or who) it is, you have the power + strength in you to persevere. Burn that white flag right now.  

Because you and I?  We’re way stronger than we think.

To the defiance inside of you,

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