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Mold vs. Gold

August 10, 2018

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Can I tell you something?  I remember the first time I walked into a buying market for the shop.  It was in Las Vegas 2 years ago and I felt so out of place.

Everyone was dressed to the nines.  They had on gorgeous leather booties or high heel pumps which matched nicely with their full face of makeup.  Everyone was sporting at least 5 of the season’s latest trends all at once and their hair and eyelash extensions were perfectly on point.

It was the first time I had the thought ‘Am I really fit to be a boutique owner?’  Here’s why: I was looking around and didn’t see anyone like me.

This week on Instagram, I wrote about a local networking event where a woman looked me up and down from head to toe and said ‘…Really?’⠀

She had just asked me what I did for a living and my response was ‘I own a women’s boutique in Downtown!’⠀

She looked disappointed. I guess my slouch jeans, simple top, and minimal accessories didn’t impress her.⠀


But this is me. Sometimes I like to get fancy, but most of the time I dress a lot like this. And in my opinion, it’s the perfect outfit for doing what I love, day in and day out.

I want to always be true to who I am because how dare I show up and lead this business for my team + for you as anything other than that.

One of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself in life is the permission to do life on my own terms.  And just in case you need it, I wanted to give you that same permission slip today.



You don’t have to fit into the molds you see around you to be successful, happy, or fulfilled.

Here’s what I’ve found in chasing after fulfillment: it’s actually breaking the mold that’s found me at home in who I was created to be.

The world doesn’t need more women striving to fit into the mold.  Instead, it needs more women knowing they’re already gold.

Today I’d love you to ponder what mold you’ve been trying to fit into that has been unknowingly sucking joy from + planting doubt in your life.  And I want you to challenge yourself to come home to you.

Have a great weekend out there, friend.

To knowing we’re gold,

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