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How Do You Stay Resilient?

September 14, 2018

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Hi Friend 🙂

I’m foregoing my usual ‘Happy Fri-yay!’ as that feels a bit too enthusiastic for today as here in North Carolina, we’re in the middle of facing down a big ol’ storm called Florence.

Our buddies at the coast have been hit pretty hard already, and all of Eastern NC is bracing for expected flooding.

As the wind rattles my back door by my desk as I type this to you, I wanted to write to you about…storms.

As I was writing this email, a friend texted me with this time hop photo.  She wanted to remind me that 2 years ago we announced to the world that we were moving from fashion truck to brick & mortar store. Crazy!


What I wasn’t able to say in our announcement post on social media 2 years ago is that I was in the middle of a huge storm at the time in my personal life.

I look back now and think how the heck were we still able to move forward in getting our store launched?!

One of the biggest questions women ask me, especially women entrepreneurs, is ‘How do you stay resilient?’

And I think the best thing I can share with you on that topic today is a challenge my therapist gave to me.

When I was in the thick of a storm, I asked her ‘How can I keep moving forward?  HOW?’  

Have you ever felt like the winds are whipping at you in full force?

Or like you have opposing voices in your head telling you two different things about the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of?

Or that you’ll never rise strong again after the storm?

I was feeling all of those things when I asked her this question.

Here was her challenge to me…

She asked me to visualize myself on my yoga mat, standing strong with my feet planted on top of a word or a phrase.

She told me that this word or phrase had to evoke something in me, and that once I decided what my word or phrase would be, to write it on my yoga mat and plant my feet firmly on it.

She told me to get into a power pose and feel what it was like to stand in my innermost strength and know ‘This is my truth.  And nothing can move me from it.’

For you, maybe it’s not a yoga mat.  Maybe it’s the floor underneath your feet in the bathroom as you get ready in front of the mirror in the morning.

Wherever it is, decide your spot that you can return to every day.  And most importantly, decide what that word or phrase is for you. Words are powerful, especially the ones we tell ourself.

Storms.  We all have to weather them at points in our life.  

Maybe you’re in the middle of a storm right now.

Maybe a storm is behind you and it’s left you beaten down.

Maybe you know you need to take action in your life that will bring on a storm.

Plant your feet firmly on your truth.  You are fully capable of standing strong even when the winds slap you across the face.

Let’s be women that declare ‘We will not be shaken!’

To standing strong in your truth,

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