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Our NEW Instagram LIVE Show: “Asking For a Friend”

October 12, 2018

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(A weekly post dedicated to dishing out a fun recommendation to help you fill your cup…because we know you give so much of yourself to others!)



If you need a laugh:  Oh mylanta.  Friend.  We kicked off our Instagram Live Show ‘Asking For a Friend’ this past Wednesday and we’ve loved hearing how much you were laughing alongside us as we were dripping sweat!

Each week we’ll answer 3 questions submitted by YOU: 1 personal, 1 business, and 1 fashion related.

This week we discussed facial hair, moving past bitterness, and denim.  That feels like a good mix (wink).  You can watch the replay here on our Facebook account.

We’ll see you every Wednesday at 9am on Instagram!  The replay will be up each week for 24 hours on Instagram and permanently on our Facebook account.

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