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Coming Home To You

November 9, 2018

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Wow, wow, wow – what a week it’s been around here since last Friday’s release of our special 1 minute video!

I promised you that video would bring fire to your soul and you SHOWED UP to share the heck out of our ‘Dare We Say’ video on social media.

If you missed the soul stirring commotion, let me catch you up:


  1. We released this 1 minute video in a quest to encourage women to come home to themselves + to embrace the fullness of who they are.
  2. After watching, we asked each viewer to join in the chorus of ‘Dare We Say’ by submitting their ‘Dare I Say’ statement here.
  3. We were absolutely floored by the beautiful responses submitted.


Today, I wanted to share a few of the ‘Dare I Say’ statements that women just like you committed to speaking out loud:

I am not my fear and anxiety. I am strong and resilient.

I am not afraid to step out and risk failure in order to be successful. I will not let the fear of loss cripple my life anymore.

Even when everything around me seems dark and hopeless, I dare to say that I am STRONG. I fight back against mental illness and scream the truth that I am loved, unique, and important in this life.

I dare to say despite being raised in poverty I will make a come back and be able to help my family regardless of my doubts in my capabilities.

And the simplicity and truth of this one got me…

I can be exactly myself and THAT is glorious and enough.

Yes to every single one of these words!  

I have learned pretty much all that I know about fighting for a woman’s worth from the artisans with which we partner.

Here’s why…⠀

They are courageously living out the counter narrative in their life. ⠀

Their culture or traffickers or abusers or oppressors have told them they are one thing.⠀

But they clap back with a brave new narrative they play on repeat for themselves + as a rally cry for other women.⠀

Binita, Chelsea, Mari – ALL of the women behind our products have been my guides and shown me how to battle against false stories…⠀

…and dare to write new ones to take their place.⠀

What false stories have you been believing about yourself?⠀

And today – what will you dare to say? ⠀

Join in the chorus of “Dare We Say.” If you haven’t already, watch our video here and then head to this link to find inspiration to claim your counter narrative.

It’s go time, sister.  When we flourish, we help others do the same!


To Coming Home To You,

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