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Bounce Back

December 14, 2018

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It’s December 14th and the countdown is feelin’ REAL all of a sudden, isn’t it, friend?!

I laughed at a memory that popped up from something I wrote 2 years ago yesterday:

“I was yelled at in the post office by another customer, a lady ran me over with her shopping cart full of tinsel at Target, and someone blew their horn at me in the grocery store parking lot because I took too long to fasten my seat belt.”

That all happened in two beautiful hours. Does this sound familiar?

We’ve chatted with so many of you this week that feel stressed + ready to throw in the towel. You’re not alone, sister!

I put up an instagram post on Monday night and I wanted to include it in this week’s email because we received SO many messages about it.

(Photo of my girl Jen Hoverstad who is taking down breast cancer with zero excuses. You’re my inspiration, Jen!)

Who’s ready to RALLY BACK? Maybe your Monday didn’t go as planned. Maybe your December is falling short. Maybe you feel like 2018 has completely defeated you.⠀

Guess what, friend?⠀The week isn’t over. Neither is December. And that means 2018 has not defeated you.⠀

You still have the breath inside you to rally back.

I know you may be tired. I know you may want to make excuses.⠀

Things on my potential excuse list right now for The Flourish Market:⠀
– Tech issues.⠀
– The snow.⠀
– Unexpected expenses.⠀
– Cancelled events.⠀

I gathered my team today and we came up with solutions. We spent ZERO time on excuses. And together, we’re dividing and conquering 21 solutions that – I’m declaring right now – will get us to where we need to be by the close of the year.⠀

If you are not experiencing setbacks, you are not playing big enough.

Is life and / or biz slapping you across the face right now?

That means you’re GOING FOR IT. Put your fighting gloves on and get back in the ring, sister! You’ll find kindred spirits out here cheering you on. 👊🏽⠀


If you want to hop back into the ring with us, we’ve got a special (ridiculously awesome!) deal-io going down at the shop + online today – Sunday.

You can catch all the details below! 

When things get crazy in our business, sometimes I close my eyes and imagine you in the ring helping to raise my hands up when I’m tired.

The best part?  It’s not just a visual in my head.  You’ve literally been doing that for the past 3+ years.

Always grateful,

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