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What’s On Your Wall?

December 28, 2018

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I hope this email greets you still in comfy jammies this morning, and in a gratitude hangover from the holidays.

There’s so much anticipation leading up to Christmas that I always feel blindsided each year at New Year’s!

Yesterday, Jessi + I looked at each other and said “Oh my goodness, January starts in just a few days!”

In that moment, I felt the need to jump in head first to 2019 plans, but over the past few years I’ve been learning the importance of reflection + celebration.  And today, I wanted to do just that (and encourage you to do the same!).



“Can you imagine the power?”

My friend Heather stood in front of our ‘fully funded’ wall in the shop on Christmas Eve as we placed the final woman’s portrait.  There they were: 30 women, all now fully funded to go through a very special business training + launch program in Ethiopia.⠀

$30,000 in 30 days- you did it, Flourish Fam! ⠀

I want you to look at the photo below and witness the power behind your purchases + donations over the 30 days leading up to Christmas Eve.⠀



Governor Cooper stopped by the shop yesterday, and stood in front of the wall. He looked at me and said “Good work.” ⠀

I didn’t know how much I needed to hear those words. So, I wanted to pass those words along to you tonight too, friend. “Good work.” Even if 2018 feels like it kicked you in the face, there was some dang good fruit in there.⠀



Today, I want to encourage you to claim that.  What’s on your wall of impact for 2018?  

In addition to the 30 women’s portraits, here would be a few things I’d add to our wall at The Flourish Market:


  1. You hosted more than 150 parties at the shop in 2018.  You introduced your friends to the concept of using their purchasing power for good, and we’re forever grateful!
  2. We crossed the $1 million mark in orders we have placed with our artisan partner groups because of your patronage.
  3. We launched our “You’re Not Alone” Series at the shop, bringing in guest speakers for intimate nights of addressing today’s toughest issues.
  4. We launched killer resources for women entrepreneurs: our online business bootcamps + our Get After It Getaway (January’s retreat sold out in less than 24 hours, we only have a few spots left for March!).
  5. But best of all, we’ve had the honor of getting to know you + your story.  I’ve watched our team help you leave abusive marriages, connect you in with a therapist, and celebrate with you when your 4th IVF transfer finally gave you the baby you’d been praying for for years.


It’s such a joy to reflect on the good — the fruit, and to let it drown out the crazy of the year.

What about you, friend?  What’s on your wall for 2018?  

I want you to claim 5 things right now before you close this email.  And then take a step back from your wall, and imagine the power. ✨⠀


One of my greatest joys in 2018 has been writing to you each and every Friday morning.  I know there’s a lot of noise in the world; I’m so grateful for the honor of being welcomed into your inbox.

I’ll see you right back here in 2019, as we continue to write an impactful story together, friend!
All my love,

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