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The Results Are In…

January 18, 2019

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After an incredible trip to Nashville last week to lead my first ever Get After It Getaway for women entrepreneurs, I’m back and absolutely on fire to start making moves for 2019.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been digging into YOUR ideas and feedback from our January 2 question survey (and we love that you’ve been enjoying your ‘thank you’ 15% OFF shopping pass good for all of January!).

Hundreds of you responded and my oh my did you set us up for a world changing year ahead.

Question for ya.  When you took our survey did you wonder what other women were saying?

When I take a survey, I’m always so curious to know if anyone else was thinking along the same lines as me – and what ideas they may have had.

Well, friend.  I thought I would reveal the top feedback themes from our survey.  I think you’ll find you are in good company around here.

I’ll start with the shocker though.  This literally shocked our whole team, but it gave us some serious inspiration for what we’ll plan for in 2019.

Here it is:

86% of you stated the biggest thing you deeply desired to have more of in 2019 was this…

Community / deep connection / meaningful relationships with other like-minded women

YEP.  If you’ve been feeling a lack of this in your life, you are NOT ALONE, sister!

Although we don’t have any direct solutions to roll out this week, this will be a big anchor for us as we have our 2019 dream session with our team in a few weeks.

We cannot hear this and do nothing.  Our wheels are already spinning for you.

Okay, now let me tell you the other themes / ideas!  In no particular order…

Your Favorite Content:

Encouragement, kick in the butt, and continuous inspiration

Features on the women who create our products

Information on trends

Style tips

Content that helps share what other women are experiencing to know we are not alone

How to have a sense of fulfillment in everyday life

At the shop:

Monthly yoga at the shop

More home decor

More “gifty” items

More work wear

More “out on the town” wear

Tween clothing

Filter option for dresses + tops on drop-down menu

Capsule collections

Some fun ideas:

Opportunities to serve locally together as a Flourish Family

A retreat for non entrepreneurs like the one you lead in Nashville for business owners

A conference

A podcast

Subscription service similar to Stitch Fix

A bigger shop where there’s a coffee shop or gathering place to hang out with friends before, after, or in lieu of shopping

From a personal perspective:

Direction and clarity on how to live a more purposeful + meaningful life

Peace and well being


Being present

Time to breath / time for self-care

For entrepreneurs: 

Time to pause, reflect, and plan at one of your retreats

Monthly meet-ups locally to help us grow together

Help putting my plans into action

Not to feel alone or stuck as an entrepreneur

More opportunities for 1:1 coaching with Em

Wasn’t it fun to read through what our tribe had to say?  If you’re having FOMO that you haven’t yet taken our survey, we still want to hear your voice, friend!

Click here to take our survey and to score your 15% OFF shopping pass to use for the month of January.

We don’t know exactly what we’ll roll out this year and who we will continue to become as a brand, but we know this:

We’ll do it together.

All my love,

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