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*Spark Joy*

February 22, 2019

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It seems the whole nation has been trapped inside the last few weeks with snow storms or crazy rain.  I’ve been watching my friends go stir crazy on my social media feeds, posting what they’re doing with their time in order to stay sane.

Maybe you’ve noticed this too: Marie Kondo and her “Spark Joy” movement is sweeping the nation.


(Photo from



If you don’t recognize the face above, this is Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author.

Netflix recently launched a series called “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and it has taken the nation by storm!

Have you seen your friends posting photos of their tops neatly folded and sitting upright in drawers, and large donation piles of items that no longer spark joy for them or their kids?

It’s truly become a movement.  


I read Marie’s book a few years ago and gave my closet and house a good cleanout.  It felt great to only be surrounded by things that brought me joy in my physical space, and I wanted to replicate her “method” across other areas of my life, especially my time and how I spent it.


While there were some things I couldn’t remove from my schedule even though they didn’t bring me joy, I realized there were ways to integrate more activities that brought me joy into my schedule!

So, I made a list on the Notes app in my phone of things I could do with my time that brought me joy – activities that took 5 minutes, to some that need 2-3 hours devoted to them.




You know how when you get in a funk or your energy’s down, it’s really hard to think about what to do to pull yourself out of your rut?

The past few years, whenever those moments come, I pull out my “Spark Joy” list on my phone and choose something that – even if for only 5 minutes – will bring joy to my day.

It’s been really helpful so I thought this week I could go all Marie Kondo on you and encourage you to make a “Spark Joy” list of your own.

Need some ideas?  Here are some things on my own personal list:

Take Jivvie for a walk around the block

FaceTime one of my bests

Make an iced coffee

Pop by the shop and laugh with the team

Watch Ellen

Grab cocktails with a friend




They’re all such simple ideas, but my list (now with over 50 ideas on it) helps to remind me that how I spend my time is how I spend my life.  And I want to live a joy-filled life.

I’m betting you do too? 🙂

P.S. We’ve got a “Spark Joy” weekend going down at the shop + online this weekend…details below!

With joy,

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