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To Owning Our Full Selves In the Light

February 15, 2019

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It’s 68 degrees today in Raleigh and I don’t even know what to do with myself.  I want to lay in the sunlight all day today and I’m probably going to go do just that for at least an hour as soon as I press send on this email to you.



Have you ever laid on your back on the ground and let the sun beam down on your face?

It’s always a bit nerve wracking if you’re around others because the sunlight exposes so much – will my friend see my wrinkles, my breakouts, or that random chin hair that somehow grew in overnight?!

…but there’s something about feeling the light hit your face that feels so good.

This week, something really cool happened…but let me back up to June of last year for a hot minute.

I was at my second mastermind meet-up in Minneapolis, with 20 of my favorite fellow female entrepreneurs.  We were all apart of Jenna Kutcher’s 2018 Mastermind.

On the first day, we stood up and updated everyone on our progress since the last time we had been together.

As we went around the room and each woman stood up and shared, there was a common theme: we were letting our guards down and admitting that life was hard, and we were fighting mental battles each day to keep showing up in business.

As it came my turn to stand up, I listed out the three goals I had said I would achieve by June, and had to say “I did not achieve any of these.”

But, I told them through my tears… “I’m proud to be getting mentally strong this year.”

As it turns out, I wasn’t alone.  No woman at that table was alone in her struggles.  And, I want you to know you’re not either.

As our mastermind group gathered together in September in Wisconsin, I gave my update and had a little more to report this time.  I had started to get back into the grove of things and we were preparing for some exciting launches.

My mastermind girls kept asking me what had changed, and it was something that was hard to articulate.  I told them about the work I was doing with my therapist.  About how we never talked about work, but she was incredible at turning a mirror around on me and showing me who I was and why I was put here on this Earth.

I kept telling each of them “You need to work with my therapist!  You FaceTime with her while she sits in her vintage trailer on the beach in California!”

I’ll never forget when Jenna looked at me from across the dinner table and said, “I want to have your therapist on the podcast.  We need to start talking about mental health.”

I thought, wow, women’s lives are about to be CHANGED!

This past Monday, that very special episode went live.  Jenna’s podcast is one of the biggest platforms in the world and I hope this helps squash the stigma surrounding mental health!

I won’t even give you any teasers of what to expect in this episode because it’s just that good. I want you to hear everything from my joyful + wise therapist.  You’ll be so encouraged.  She’s so INCREDIBLE!  Click here to tune in.



I want to live in the light.  I’m wondering if you’ve ever had the thought “What if they really knew who I was…what if I got found out?”

I actually *will* give you a snippet from the podcast from Elyse about what she hopes her clients feel…

“This is me, and I’m showing up as me. I feel great in my own skin no matter what room I’m in and there’s no confusion or incongruence about who I am on the screen or off the screen.  It’s freedom.  That’s the product of therapy.  A personal sense of freedom and ownership of ourselves.”

To owning our full selves in the light (breakouts, wrinkles, and chin hairs included),

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