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Cheers to International Women’s Day

March 8, 2019

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Today is International Women’s Day and I couldn’t think of a better day to release this very special video – what I hope it’s a big gift to you.

I hope it completely jazzes you up!  I’m not sure if “jazzes” is a real word or not, but here’s what I’m sure of…

The last 5 seconds of the video will give you chills + remind you of one of the biggest gifts you can offer to yourself, and to the world.



You’ll learn why I initially founded The Flourish Market and what I learned along the way from the women behind our products that COMPLETELY shifted our mission…

…and will shift your outlook on life.

There’s something we owe to ourselves, each other, and the next generation of women behind us.

And I’ll explain what this is in less than 2 minutes to ya in the video below (wink).



From all of us at The Flourish Market, thank you for making every day a day that celebrates a woman’s worth.

To getting free,

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