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Join in on the Get After It Getaway!

March 1, 2019

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If you can believe it, February disappeared even more quickly than January.  How is it March already?!

As my granny used to say in her super Southern accent “Where does the timeeeeeee go?”

Speaking of time, it seems everyone’s too short on it these days.  Have you ever run into a friend at the grocery store or church and said “How ARE you?!  I keep up with you on social media and life looks so fun!  We should grab lunch some time.”

And then…

That lunch just never happens.  Because life happens.


Is “life” really happening if we’re not living it in deep community with others?

I believe we were created that way – to crave deep, in real life connection with others we can really DO LIFE with.

I thought about linking all the scientific studies I’ve read around this notion, but I don’t think I need to prove anything to you here.

You already know how much JOY in person coffee or lunch dates bring to you…and you are also well acquainted with the sense of loneliness you feel when you don’t make time to connect with other women in your life in person.

So, here’s a little challenge I have for you today.  When you’re done reading this email, phone a friend.

Call or text a gal pal and throw out some time slots to connect with her in person next week.  Nail something down even if it takes a jillion logistics to make it happen behind the scenes.  It will be WORTH IT!  

(I have a friend who drops off her 2 kids at her friend’s house on Tuesday mornings so she can get out of the house for an in person coffee friend date, and she returns the favor by letting her friend drop off her kids on Thursday mornings so her friend can do the same.)

Life isn’t meant to be done alone!

…and neither is BUSINESS, by the way.

“Lonely” was a word I kept hearing when doing my 1:1 business coaching sessions with women entrepreneurs over the past few years and I knew I needed to create a solution to bring together like-minded women in real life (or “IRL” as the high schoolers are saying these days).

I held my first Get After It Getaway Retreat in January for women entrepreneurs and it was absolutely incredible to see that vision come to life as 15 women biz owners dug in, and deeply bonded and found friends for the sometimes very lonely journey of being an entrepreneur!

And now?  I’m excited to get to do it all over again March 27th – 29th in the same amazing city – Nashville!

We only have 2 spots left after launching Wednesday night’s behind the scenes video peek into January’s retreat, and we can’t wait to find out who these last 2 women are who we’ll get to dream + action plan with!

We’re doing something crazy fun for the first time ever as a thank you to our tribe who always refers THE BEST people our way…

Do you know a female entrepreneur… who would value 3 days away with like-minded women to dream + action plan for the impact she wants to leave in this world?

If so, we’re going to hook you up with a $300 Flourish Market gift card when your friend snags one of our last spots!

I’m specifically looking for women who may feel like they’re running on the hustle hamster wheel right now and are feeling a wee bit overwhelmed + uninspired.

She also needs to be super kind + excited to connect – in real life (!) – with women from all over the United States.

Know a gal who would be a perfect fit?  We’d love for you to get this retreat opportunity in front of her!

You can have her checkout this link for the video + more information on our retreat!   We’ll ask her who referred her when she signs up, and we’ll send that $300 Flourish Market gift card your way!

Cheers to carving out space to do life (and business!) in deep community with others.

To ditching the loneliness,

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