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it's time to clap back at overwhelm

I’m so glad you’ve landed on this page because that tells me something very important about you: you’re ready to make a change in the way you do business (and life!).

I’m wondering if you’ve had this same haunting thought so many women entrepreneurs I work with have felt in their core...

“Why am I still here?”

Maybe your ‘still here’ is you’re still in your day job that you don’t love, and your side hustle hasn’t grown enough to support you full time.

Maybe your ‘still here’ is feeling like you’re running a freakin’ marathon each day in your business, and your sales aren’t showing the fruit of your efforts.

Maybe your ‘still here’ is not having enough funds to make your first hire, but knowing things can’t stay the same because you have no personal life.

Or maybe, like me, your ‘still here’ is laying in a bed in the emergency room and hearing an ultimatum: “You’re never going to get better unless…”

No matter what your still here looks like, I want you to believe the message of this video to be true for you.

Hey-o + Welcome, friend!


You're standing in a unique position.  You’re ready to do the work, but you’re also overwhelmed at the amount of things you need to focus on. 

…all of the things the experts tell you that you need to be doing in order to keep up in your industry.  

…all of your ideas you’ve back burnered because you have to keep up with the day-to-day operations of running your business.

(And if we’re being really honest)

…all the ‘I’m finally going to play big’ strategic tasks you know you need to dig into, but it’s much easier to check off the easy tasks each day.

You’ve mentally stacked a barbell full of 500 pounds of weight. It’s no wonder you're overwhelmed at the thought of trying to pick it up.  

That’s how I felt laying on that hospital bed: overwhelmed about the action I needed to take. But at the end of the day I couldn’t shake the question I was asking myself “How is not making a change working out for you, Emily?”

Not well. Not well at all.

what i know about you

I used to have this fancy schmancy job as a Vice President of Communications and Change Management for a large Investment Bank. I lived and worked in London, Singapore, Switzerland, and beyond.

here's the deal:

I’m the Founder + CEO of The Flourish Market, a social impact boutique in Downtown Raleigh, NC + an online shop.  

This is the part when you scroll down and I need to make every effort to get you to trust me.  

I first feel the need to have a full disclosure and reveal to you that I originally went to college as a dance major with the one and only life goal of being Britney Spear’s back-up dancer.

Maybe that’s a deal breaker for you.

If that earns me kudos in your book, keep on reading…

...and it's nice to meet you.  You're in a safe space here, friend!

Hi, i'm em!

Not at all.

The safety of a corporate job + a cushy budget not made up of your own dollah dollah bills has NOTHING on entrepreneurship! Nada!

So here’s why I believe you should trust me: I have actually done the dang thing.  

In 3 years, I have launched and grown a multi-million dollar social impact business with zero paid advertising and zero loans. And I still have a personal life (wink).

I know the sweat and tears you’ve put into your biz. I have sold all the clothes in my closet to afford our first round of inventory. I have wiped away my tears and pulled myself up off the floor when we hit our first big setback. I have made the hire when I didn’t have ‘enough’ cushion in our business bank account.

When I stepped into entrepreneurship, I had to quickly get my shiz together. I had to learn how to focus my time on the right things, not all the things. I had to learn how to build and empower a team of now 10 to grow the business etched across my heart. And I had to learn how to win a whole community of women over to our mission to scale our impact.

I couldn’t sit in the ‘still here.’ There was too much on the line.  

And that’s how I want you to feel too. There’s too much on the line for you to stay in your ‘still here.’

But that's not why you should trust me...

Where is God when life gets hard?  I love leaning into the uncomfortable + sharing the redeeming love of a Jesus that weeps with us.  I especially love engaging with audiences that have been burned + hurt by Christians.

Faith Based Talks


Are you a conference organizer for small business owners? Let’s connect! I love helping small business owners understand how to win others over - to not only their products + services, but even more so to their bigger brand story + mission.

Entrepreneur Trainings


It would be my great honor to motivate your tribe to live a life of positive influence + impact. We have a list of 25 specific topic ideas for you to choose from to best fit your audience’s needs.  

Podcast Guest


While I’m sadly no longer able to work 1:1 with entrepreneurs, I’m ridiculously pumped to launch 1 hour bootcamps this Fall! These online classes will take you from overwhelm to focused, purposeful action that will grow your business, your impact, + your legacy.

Educational Resources


Click below for more info on each bootcamp!

I’ve spent the last two years coaching women entrepreneurs, and giving them the tools to take immediate, clear action in their business.

While they’ve been paralyzed staring down that barbell with 500 pounds of weight on it, I’ve placed a 5 pound weight in their hand and said “Here, lift this.” 

That’s where these online bootcamps come in, friend. I want to invite you into the action.  You’ll show up for an hour, take a training with me as your coach, and you’ll receive 3 easy things you can do right now to flex the right muscles in your business.   

Whether you’re a podcaster, a photographer, in direct sales, a boutique owner, you name it - these online classes are for you!

These are the top 4 most impactful topics I’ve covered with women entrepreneurs in private 1:1 coaching sessions.  These topics will be  translated into tools + takeaways to grow your business -- in the right way.

Start here!  If you can only snag one course, let it be this one!

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Consider me your coach who's going to put the right type of weights in your hands.

And I'm going to stare you straight in the face and tell you that you're capable of lifting them.  That you have it in you -- that you've always had it in you.

Today is the day.  Let's get ya movin' and grovin', sister!  Snag your bootcamp class today!

The best way to do that?  By taking action!

clap back at overwhelm + fear