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it's time to clap back at overwhelm

Bootstrap Marketing Customer Bootcamp

You’re going to walk away from this training with three new killer skills:

First, you’re going to learn how to invite customers into a bigger story…one that the *right* customers will want to join!

Next, you’re going to learn how to listen to your customers, and listen well — so that they’re positioned to be co-authors in your business’ story.

And finally, I’ll teach you how to equip customers with resources to help get the word out about your business to everyone they know.

flex your muscles

I’ve coached lots of entrepreneurs over the years and they’re always asking me about where to spend their marketing budget to help get the word out to new customers about their business.

My response? What about leveraging the customers you already have to do that work for you…for free?

When I normally bring this up, the first reaction of business owners is they cringe…they don’t want their customers to feel used.

But when you go about it the right way, your customers actually want nothing more than to help you spread the word about what you’re doing. Once you invite them into a bigger story, they’re going to excitedly open up that invitation to all their friends.

I’ve built a multi-million dollar business in 3 years with zero paid advertising. Literally, zero, friend!

This shocks people. And I’ve been so excited to release this online course so I can show you how you can easily replicate what we’ve done in our business to help your business grow too.

Alternative title: FREE marketing! Buckle up because you’re about to learn how to leverage folks that actually want to help you: your customers!

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Consider me your coach who's going to put the right type of weights in your hands.

And I"m going to stare you straight in the face and tell you that you're capable of lifting them.  That you have it in you -- that you've always had it in you.

Today is the day.  Let's get ya movin' and grovin,' sister!  Snag your bootcamp class today!

The best way to do that?  By taking action!

clap back at overwhelm + fear