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Fully Alive: A Welcome Message from Em

July 10, 2019

Welcome, friend!  

We’re so excited to have you!  Stay tuned to your inboxes each month as your new monthly content lands.  All of our previous months of content await you below, as well as directions on how to get The Fully Alive Collective Podcast on your phone’s podcast player.

Dive on in!

With so much excitement,
Em + Team Flourish

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Past Month’s Content

Core Beliefs

Body Image

Personal Purpose

Meaningful Friendship

Stress & Anxiety

Being Intentional with Your Time

Just Start

Navigating Fear

Navigating COVID-19 Induced Uncertainty + Fear

Braving The Wilderness


Get The Fully Alive Collective Podcast episodes + Q&A Call replays in your podcast player!

If you have an iPhone:

Step 1: Open up the purple podcast app on your phone

Step 2: Open up the library in your app- it is located at the bottom of your screen as the second icon in from the left 

Step 3: In the library tab, click edit on the top right of your screen and select “add podcast by url”

Step 4: A screen will pop up to add a URL. Insert the below link into that box+hit subscribe:

That’s it! So easy!  Everything should automatically be dropped into your library with your other podcasts 

If you have an Android: 

Step 1: Download a podcast player for your phone – Pocket Casts is one that is suggested as best for Android

Step 2: Hit the discover (or search) tab or button in your app

Step 3: Insert the below link into the search bar:

Step 4: Hit subscribe and everything will appear in your podcast feed on the app!  Hooray!

Follow along for motivation + (real life) behind the scenes!