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During this challenging season...

here's what i know about you

A manager’s guide to leading employees through change + uncertainty - while working virtually through COVID-19.

introducing "Leading through corona"
a 2 hour online course

First, hear this: you are more than capable of leading through this crisis, and doing it WELL.

In this unprecedented and never before forged unstable landscape, management looks (and FEELS) different today, more than ever before.  

It's natural to feel uncertain, and to feel ill-equipped to lead in this ever-changing new frontier.

However, the same leadership capabilities, emotional IQ, high performance track record, communication skills, and TENACITY that landed you in this management role have not all of a sudden vanished in this pandemic.

But it's all bit cloudy, isn't?  -  Your brain.  Your team's goals.  The future of your company.  The future of our nation, and world.

You're feeling exhausted, and you're starting to realize the undercurrent of anxiety running through your body is not healthy - nor sustainable - for the long haul of dealing with the negative ripple effects of COVID-19.

It's becoming a challenge to lead others through this crisis when it's hard enough to navigate things from a personal perspective - while trapped inside your home!

You are being asked questions by your employees that you don't know how to answer.  You don't know when things will "get better."

And you've been googling around for resources in an effort to track down helpful tips for you and your team about working remotely + navigating uncertainty.  

....but where the heck is the straight forward roadmap?  The scripts of exactly what to say?  The *actual* tangible tips that are relevant to leading through this dynamic crisis that is for the first time in our lifetime nuanced by the combination of:

- team members working from home
- many staff navigating home schooling kids
- employees carrying the weight of worry about loved ones dying
- a rising world-wide economic crisis
- and scary new headlines coming out what seems like every few minutes

Your guidebook has arrived in the form of an online course you can take from the "comfort" (and confinement) of your home.

Ready to summon forth that inner change leader who’s been inside you all along?  Your leadership is needed to help us all get through this pandemic - better - and together.

equipping managers to lead through change during crisis is my sweet spot

...,in Workplace Strategy during the financial crisis of 2008 and the 8 years that followed, Em Sexton brings her ‘win them over’ know-how, calm + guiding presence, and tangible tips to help you lead through a constantly changing landscape. From Wall Street to the streets with no name, you can now find Em working with social enterprises to drive positive change in the most vulnerable communities around the world through her multi-million dollar impact business: The Flourish Market.  She is a speaker, business consultant, and the Founder of The Locality, a co-working space + incubator for 60 female entrepreneurs in Raleigh, NC.

My official fancy bio: With a past career on Wall Street as a Vice President of Communications and Change Management...


I'M IN THIS WITH YOU + I understand

I want you to know that I'm in this with you, and I'm in the trenches deeply understanding changing needs in real time.  I'm not some far removed consultant who isn't actively leading through the current chaos right now in her own businesses.  

I have a team of 11 who run my brick + mortar retail store in a city that is self quarantined from now until the foreseeable future.  I am now managing them virtually while onboarding them to manage PR + customer service support for my consulting brand (their roles massively changed overnight).  

I also had to take my co-working space + incubator program for 60 female entrepreneurs completely virtual, basically overnight.  These women are looking to me for support + direction as they worry their livelihood is at stake.

I'm in the throws of this with you.  I am hearing the questions you are being asked.  I understand that emotions are high.  I get what it's like to have to show up for others when you are absolutely exhausted + rotating through a range of emotions yourself.

    I am in the thick of this with you, and it is not easy.  But our leadership is needed!  And we've never had more of an opportunity to create a positive impact.  

This is not the time to retreat.  Your leadership is needed.

Can I offer up a very real reality?  The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 will be recorded in history books, and will be talked about for centuries to come.  

When your grandchild calls you for their school project one day to interview you about what it was like to live through the Coronavirus pandemic, I want you to be able to look back and be proud of the way you showed up in the world.

I want you to be able to humbly share how you exercised courage and stepped forward to lead - your team, your family, and your community. 

it’s time to summon forth that inner change leader who’s been inside you all along.

This "Leading Through Corona" online course will equip you with the specific tools to cut through the chaos of Corona and lead with purpose, not panic.

I have had the honor of speaking on stages about leading change for GlaxoSmithKline, WorkTech, Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, and Alt Summit just to name a few...

...and I'm now on the front lines doing 1:1 business consulting with mid to large size businesses, navigating their company's leadership teams through managing change through COVID-19.

This online course was the best way I knew how to impact + equip a larger audience more quickly (and at an accessible price point) with my niche training skillset, while fundraising for hunger relief efforts during this pandemic.

Where is God when life gets hard?  I love leaning into the uncomfortable + sharing the redeeming love of a Jesus that weeps with us.  I especially love engaging with audiences that have been burned + hurt by Christians.

Faith Based Talks


Are you a conference organizer for small business owners? Let’s connect! I love helping small business owners understand how to win others over - to not only their products + services, but even more so to their bigger brand story + mission.

Entrepreneur Trainings


It would be my great honor to motivate your tribe to live a life of positive influence + impact. We have a list of 25 specific topic ideas for you to choose from to best fit your audience’s needs.  

Podcast Guest


While I’m sadly no longer able to work 1:1 with entrepreneurs, I offer 4 online courses that are the jam! These online classes will take you from overwhelm to focused, purposeful action that will grow your business, your impact, + your legacy.

Educational Resources


A manager’s guide to leading employees through change + uncertainty - while working virtually through COVID-19.

leading through corona


- The unprecedented nature of the effects of this pandemic on employees + work

- Unique emotions: what your team members are actually feeling during this uncertain time

- The curve no one is talking about - the change curve - and the psychology behind success in mentally (and physically) healthy teams

- Behavioral patterns employees are exhibiting when facing daily changes

- What leadership needs to look like right now

You've Got This.

intro: A State of the Union for Managers Navigating This Pandemic

- Navigating personal check-ins + caring for your mental health

- Understanding what’s happening in your brain and body during this challenging time

- How to process personal sadness, anger, stress, and anxiety (each require different methods) in real time

- Harnessing your existing leadership strengths, and catering them to your new reality

- Managing up and getting what you need from senior management

Module 1: Leadership Starts with You

- How to cut through the chaos and create buy-in to press forward on goals

- The biggest key to communicating effectively when change is constant

- How to manage and task (without micromanaging) when employees are stressed and fearful 

- Articulating goals and expectations with empathy of “the new (temporary) normal”

- The 3 “no’s” of managing virtually, and what to do instead

- Creating buy-in for new daily / weekly team + 1:1 rhythms

- 5 strategies for keeping employees motivated as the negative ripple effects of this pandemic grow

Module 3: Managing Towards Company + Team Goals (even while working virtually)

- 10 *Tangible* Tips for Working from Home

- 5 Trustworthy Self-Care Resources to Boost Your Mental Health

- 10 Question Options to Ask Employees During 1:1 Check-ins During This Season of Uncertainty

- 7 Point Daily Checklist for Managing Well Virtually Through Coronavirus

BONUSES (with pre-sale purchase by monday, march 23rd)

- The 3 things your employees need from you right now

- The one thing you’re doing wrong - even though you have great intentions

- Key phrases to say and questions to ask to effectively manage employees experiencing fear + anxiety

- The 5 step process - supported by psychology - to keep employees supported + motivated in uncertain times

- Word-for-word scripted responses to answer the 3 most common questions being asked of you right now (that you don’t know how to answer)

- How to prepare your team for what’s next (even when you don’t know what’s next)

Module 2: Leading Employees Through Change + Uncertainty

- Kat Harris, Host of The Refined Collective Podcast

"Your heart. Your message. Your voice. You are the woman for the job. Hands down."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Allie Roepe, Founder of Restored Women

"A heartfelt sincere thank you again for last night! I personally was so encouraged by your words. I loved everything that you shared. There were so many great practical takeaways and our table conversation was also really rich. I know everyone really enjoyed it!"

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Julie C, Event Attendee

"If everyone had your vulnerability + love I can't fathom what this world would be like. I can't wait to listen to the recording again and again!

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Rebecca L., Event Attendee

"Your talk was so powerful. You had me laughing and crying."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Regan R., Event Attendee

"I have listened to your message multiple times and each time I hear even more that hits me.  Your message is what my heart and mind needed to hear."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Kirsten B., Event Attendee

"Your message touched me and opened my eyes to how I can positively impact those in pain around me, even if I have my own junk I have to deal with."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Chelsea C., Event Attendee

"I laughed, cried, and said 'Amen!' more than once. You're such an encouragement to so many!"

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Redefined Courage, Event Attendee

"As I listened to your words I held back the tears in my eyes as I am at a crossroads in my business / life. As you were speaking, I felt peace. Em, you're a blessing and mighty teacher. You speak life!"

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Emily D., Event Attendee

"You are vulnerable and strong and brave and share truth and your heart."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

The launch price for this 2 hour online course is $149.  The price increases to $249 tomorrow night at midnight EST.  

Your online class will hit your inbox as soon as you sign up, and will be available for the next 6 months.


$50 from every online course purchased will be donated to Feeding America, No Kid Hungry, and A Place at The Table.  Your purchase helps aid hunger relief during this challenging season.  Thank you!

***If you are interested in my 1:1 Change Management + Communications consulting services for yourself, your team, or for managers at your company, please email my team here with details of your request, and they will arrange a 15 minute call with me so I can understand your needs, and provide a quote + (virtual) training time slot quickly!

***If you are a non-profit leader or small business owner waving the white flag financially right now, please fill in the form linked here, and we will grant you free access to this course.  We believe everyone should be able to have access to the tools they need to navigate this challenging season.  

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