Grow your 6 + 7 figure business without sacrificing your values, mental health, or yourself in the process.

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What's keeping you from growing your business?  

Normally it's fear + overwhelm and whatever you're scared of and overwhelmed about will keep you stuck.

Want to know what I've found on my biz journey?  That community cultivates your courage, and coaching cultivates your clarity!

...who will champion you towards yours

Surround yourself with like-minded women courageously going after their goals...

Women are freakin’ strong, and together we’re unstoppable!

Women Supporting Women


Service-Based Businesses

Brick + Mortar Biz Owners

Product-Based Businesses

My mastermind cohorts are filled with phenomenal women from all different industries.  My clients love learning from each other!  All types of businesses are welcome.

“Why am I still here?”

Maybe your ‘still here’ is feeling like you’re running a freakin’ marathon each day in your business, and your sales aren’t showing the full fruit of your efforts.

Maybe your ‘still here’ is not knowing if you have enough funds to make your first (or tenth) hire, but knowing things can’t stay the same because you have no personal life.

Maybe you’re ‘still here’ is that you feel ready to do the work, but you’re also overwhelmed at the amount of things the “experts” say you need to focus on.  

You’re not alone, and I’m here to help.  

I’m wondering if you’ve had this same haunting thought so many women entrepreneurs I work with have felt in their core...

imposter syndrome got the best of me

My Personal Mastermind Story

Signed with love, Emily

Why I began The Flourish Mastermind

You've got what it takes.  But you're not meant to do this alone.  I’m so glad you’ve landed on this page because that tells me something very important about you: you’re ready to make a change in the way you do business (and life!).

And you deserve to be supported + championed

Community is powerful...

A Harvard psychologist found that up to 95% of your success in life is determined by who you habitually surround yourself with. Said another way: your biz besties are your greatest predictors of your success.

I think this is especially true when we think about what *type* of success we want to have.

Stats show that we need community to be successful

A shocking statistic

...they've hit that six figure mark (success by most peoples' standards), but they've felt like they've had to do it through sacrificing their mental health, their joy, and their life. It's hard for them to see how they could possibly scale their business *and* have a life that they genuinely love. And if they're being super honest, they feel lonely.

While I find that masterminds once you hit the seven figure revenue mark are plentiful, my six figure coaching clients have found that they're not officially offered at this level, and the ones that *do* exist are self-created by members and are almost like a secret society that feels...well, secret.

Bringing together women business owners, into community, where there's an integrative approach to coaching, accountability, mental health resilience, and cultivating JOY is my sweet spot. And I've watched my clients flourish - in business *and* life - within community.

For most women entrepreneurs that come into my programs...

What I hear from my clients

Bring your "most expensive" business question every two weeks, and receive guidance from myself and your cohort community. (1.5 hours each)

Bi-weekly results-oriented hot seat coaching calls


You’ve learned the tools and have some great ideas, now let’s make a PLAN. This is where the rubber meets the road and you’ll carve out time in your calendar for the month to execute on what’s going to move the needle the most for your business. You’ll share with everyone what your Top 3 items are for the month so we can cheer you on!

Monthly strategic planning sessions


--> 95% of your success in life is directly attributed to who you spend your time with. Surround yourself with women who "get it" + are going for it. We're going to have a lot of fun together!

A year long cohort of 16-20 women (the *best* women!) 


Business Tools, Coaching, Personal Development, + Community

mastermind components

The knowledge + encouragement in your new network is going to be phenomenal. Connect with your cohort through Slack - and I"ll also have weekly Slack office hours when I'll jump in with my feedback as well.

Private community Slack channel


You know that strategic work you dread and like to hide from? Over 4 hours, you'll knock it out alongside your fellow masterminders. We'll have monthly prizes to keep it fun!

Monthly virtual coworking sessions


The best way to fight overwhelm and feeling stuck is with a straightforward roadmap for exactly where to throw your focus. My clients say this is my secret sauce that saves them *lots* of time, money, and stress.

Six 1:1 laser-focused 30 minute coaching  sessions with me


Intensive #1 (3 Days - August 2024)
Join me at my home, The Wildflower Retreat, in Durham, NC

Intensive #2 (3 Days - January 2025)
Location will be announced in July. We are waiting to see where our members are based, but we can confirm the location will be in the U.S.

Intensive #3 (4 Days - June 2025)
We always go international for our third and final retreat! The past two years we've headed to Bali + Sardinia, Italy. Our international location will also be announced in July. :) 

***While we'd love everyone to attend all intensives in person, we know this is not always possible. All retreat sessions will be recorded and replays made available for those with scheduling conflicts. We also offer live attendance via Zoom if you are not able to be with us in person!

Plus: Three in Person Intensives! 

- Alison Hazinski, Founder of One and Only Paper

"I remember saying to my husband a few years ago ‘It’s like everyone will take your money and it’s hard to know who you can trust and who can answer your questions at the level you need.’ It felt like there were so many ‘scammers,’ and coaches who didn’t authentically care about their clients.  

I found Em in late 2020 during a period of transition in my business, where I wasn’t sure what to do next. After one coaching session with her, I came away so clear on what my next steps needed to be, and I knew I wanted to continue learning from her. Through Emily’s coaching program in 2021, I tripled my revenue from the previous year, and as I write this in October, I am close to doubling my revenue from last year.

Emily has been there for me every step of the way, providing moral support, actionable, common sense advice, and cheering me on when I falter. I think what makes her so special is that she’s not just a wealth of information and support, but she actually sees you for who you are, and she celebrates that. She gives you advice that feels true to who you are, as a person, and what you want to accomplish in your business. Because of this special quality, she is also incredible at creating a community of women who are accomplished in their fields, welcoming, and willing to both connect, and be vulnerable, and it is such a pleasure to be a part of that. 

I would sign up for literally anything Emily has to offer, because I know that the investment will pay off tenfold. She takes the success of every member of her community so personally - if you’ve ever felt alone as a small business owner, you won’t when she is on your side.“

"“Entrepreneurship can feel really lonely, and like no one gets it."

- Kenzie Clark, Founder, Able Transition Consulting

"Emily Grey is a force in this world. I began working with Emily as my business coach when I joined her women’s co-working space + incubator program. Working with Emily, I have doubled my business’ revenue, hired my first employee, brought on multiple contractors, and expanded my business’ reach across numerous states. There have been many days where I felt stuck, confused, in my head, and overwhelmed. Being a solopreneur can be isolating work, but Emily has come alongside me repeatedly, showing me a new way to put the puzzle pieces together and reminding me that I am not alone. She sees me as a whole person, not just a business owner, but a human who sometimes needs to be reminded to take care of herself.

In my business, I work with *individuals with disabilities/disabled adults and their families doing long-term transition planning. Emily has supported me in countless ways. She has offered insightful solutions to develop best practices and procedures for the niche work I do. The solutions she has helped me develop have provided my clients with an outstanding experience and have made my work practices much more streamlined. Emily has helped me troubleshoot problems or issues that arise when working with clients and is always ready to support. She taught me how to hire my first employee and create the best training program for them. She has also provided me with a sense of community with other amazing women business owners. I would not have been able to continue to support clients in my work without Emily's wisdom, guidance, clarity, and empathy. Throughout everything, Emily has believed in me. She believes in me not in the mere sentimental sense but within the core of who she is. This belief has stirred me to remember what I do matters, is essential, and is life-changing. Working with Emily will change, enhance and blossom your business, your life, and your impact on this world.

*We always ask clients which language they prefer, person-first or identity-first, as words matter deeply."

"Having Emily on my team, cheering me on, and championing me has changed my business and life." 

kind words

real results from clients

...helping them double their income and impact without sacrificing themselves in the process.

After leaving Wall Street, Emily founded The Flourish Market, building it to a million dollar company in less than three years. As a sought-after business strategist, Emily speaks at high-profile events nationwide, has been featured in top-rated media such as Forbes, Shopify, and The Goal Digger Podcast, and she reaches more than 55,000 women weekly through her podcast, social media, and obsession-worthy newsletter. Emily’s clients often refer to her as a “Business Therapist” and their “Game Changer.”

Emily Grey is a Professional Speaker and Small Business Coach for six + seven figure entrepreneurs who crave the freedom to flourish...

Meet Your Coach

When Emily is not helping her clients flourish, you can find her paddle boarding and kayaking, crafting killer cocktails, traveling the world with her wife, and being an overly obsessed dog mom to her sweet pittie and 2 (ridiculously wild) GSP’s. 

Hear from Past Cohort Members

---> A One Hour Private 1:1 Coaching Call with me in July
---> I'll help you get traction towards your goals even before your formal mastermind program begins in August!

bonus 1:1 coaching with me

1:1 Coaching

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- Kelsey Carlson Settle, Founder of Green Roost

"Through her coaching, I’ve learned which aspects of my work are most worthy of my time and which tasks I should be delegating to my staff. Because of this, I’ve seen two notable changes. First, I’ve seen a direct increase in revenue in our brick + mortar store, including a 35% increase last month alone. Second, and more importantly, I’ve found a better work-life balance. I’ve been able to spend time working outside of my business on both my physical and mental health and am a better business owner and leader because of it."

"I can honestly say that working with Emily has changed both my business and my life as a business owner, and as a mom of two littles."

- Stephanie, Founder of Cocoa Body Co.

“Emily and her coaching have completely transformed my business! Emily gave me the confidence to pursue wholesale and the push I needed to dive in. In 6 months, wholesale sales have already accounted for 50% of my total revenue."

- Cathy, Founder of 700 Rivers

“As a first time business owner, I knew 700 Rivers had an amazing handcrafted, natural bath product line that our customers loved but the hardest part was not knowing what information retailers needed from me in order to have the most beneficial relationship for us both! Em helped us bridge that gap, and after her coaching program, I more than doubled our total annual sales, I increased our product line x5, and I made my first sales hire.

While this was always the vision I had for my company and I believe I could have gotten myself here eventually, I truly believe that I got my business to this point faster and more strategically because of Emily’s coaching.”

kind words

real results from clients

Our two Flourish Mastermind cohorts that kicked off in January sold out quickly. 

My next mastermind cohorts will launch in Summer 2024 - and I don't want you to miss out on going after what your heart + soul desires.

If you're interested in joining, the first step to take is to fill in the interest form linked below.  

This mastermind is specifically for entrepreneurs running 6 + 7 figure businesses.

Interviews will take place in the Spring, and we do expect these spots to fill quickly, so I encourage you to not overthink the answers on your interest form, and to just get it in. ;)

***If you're like me, you probably have a few more questions. You'll be able to ask those in your interest form, and myself or one of the phenomenal women on my team will get those answers to you.***

Let's do this thing!

We look forward to hearing from you!

I remember filling out my first mastermind application in December of 2017 and feeling almost like an imposter applying.

I wasn’t an imposter. And neither are you.  

It’s time to get into community, and make this the year that you can look back on with great pride of who you have become.

***When you Pay Your Deposit by June 15th***
(we use a payment plan - 20% is due to reserve your spot)