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A monthly coaching program equipping makers + brand owners to get their products onto more store shelves.

Focused on a specific topic + you'll leave with a checklist of 3 things to do that month

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Get your q's answered by me and this amazing group of women!

1.5 Hour LIVE Sales / Resilience Mindset Training

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Where is God when life gets hard?  I love leaning into the uncomfortable + sharing the redeeming love of a Jesus that weeps with us.  I especially love engaging with audiences that have been burned + hurt by Christians.

Faith Based Talks


Are you a conference organizer for small business owners? Let’s connect! I love helping small business owners understand how to win others over - to not only their products + services, but even more so to their bigger brand story + mission.

Entrepreneur Trainings


It would be my great honor to motivate your tribe to live a life of positive influence + impact. We have a list of 25 specific topic ideas for you to choose from to best fit your audience’s needs.  

Podcast Guest


While I’m sadly no longer able to work 1:1 with entrepreneurs, I offer 4 online courses that are the jam! These online classes will take you from overwhelm to focused, purposeful action that will grow your business, your impact, + your legacy.

Educational Resources


Making people laugh + cry almost simultaneously, crafting killer cocktails, doing a pretty epic worm, dishing out tough love in a non judgmental way, + inspiring action.

what I'm really known for:

...,Emily Grey brings her ‘win them over’ know-how, delightful enthusiasm and every day wit to encourage women to use their influence for good. She is a speaker, small business coach, and impact entrepreneur with a special focus on helping makers and brand owners land + grow wholesale accounts.

Six years ago, Emily founded her brick + mortar and online boutique, The Flourish Market, building it to a million dollar business in less than 3 years with zero paid advertising.  She is also the Founder of The Locality, a co-working space + incubator program for 60 female entrepreneurs in Downtown Raleigh, NC.  She has spoken on national stages for Brendon Burchard and Alt Summit, and her advice for indie brands has been featured in Forbes, Shopify, and Faire.

My official fancy bio: With a past career on Wall Street as a Vice President of Communications and Change Management...

ABOUT YOUR TRainer (Hi, i'm emily!)

(closing tonight at midnight ET) 

(closing tonight at midnight ET )

Spring + Summer Trends that Sell


PLUS: a 1:1 20 minute coaching session with me!

OCTOBER: My One Trick to Landing Wholesale Accounts NO ONE IS DOING!

NOVEMBER: Equipping Your Retailers to SELL on Social Media

DECEMBER: 3 Tips to Finding New Wholesale Accounts

JANUARY: Build Your Business Through Effective Time Management

FEBRUARY: Product Packaging + Point of Purchase Displays

MARCH: Product Styling + Photography

APRIL: 3 Incentives to Maximize Sales with Retail Partners

MAY: Your Instagram Game Plan

JUNE: How to Hire Your First (or 10th) Team Member

JULY: Fall 2021 Trends: Colors and Products that will Sell

AUGUST: PR for Makers + Brand Owners

SEPTEMBER: Your Holiday Game Plan to Maximize Sales

OCTOBER: Three Thank You's to Grow Your Bottom Line

NOVEMBER: Customer Service When Things Go Wrong

DECEMBER: Counting the Fruit

JANUARY: 2022 Planning Party

FEBRUARY: Spring + Summer 2022 Trends

MARCH: Maximizing Mother's Day Sales

Get Excited!


- Kat Harris, Host of The Refined Collective Podcast

"Your heart. Your message. Your voice. You are the woman for the job. Hands down."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Allie Roepe, Founder of Restored Women

"A heartfelt sincere thank you again for last night! I personally was so encouraged by your words. I loved everything that you shared. There were so many great practical takeaways and our table conversation was also really rich. I know everyone really enjoyed it!"

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Julie C, Event Attendee

"If everyone had your vulnerability + love I can't fathom what this world would be like. I can't wait to listen to the recording again and again!

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Rebecca L., Event Attendee

"Your talk was so powerful. You had me laughing and crying."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Regan R., Event Attendee

"I have listened to your message multiple times and each time I hear even more that hits me.  Your message is what my heart and mind needed to hear."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Kirsten B., Event Attendee

"Your message touched me and opened my eyes to how I can positively impact those in pain around me, even if I have my own junk I have to deal with."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Chelsea C., Event Attendee

"I laughed, cried, and said 'Amen!' more than once. You're such an encouragement to so many!"

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Redefined Courage, Event Attendee

"As I listened to your words I held back the tears in my eyes as I am at a crossroads in my business / life. As you were speaking, I felt peace. Em, you're a blessing and mighty teacher. You speak life!"

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

- Emily D., Event Attendee

"You are vulnerable and strong and brave and share truth and your heart."

Grateful + Humbled

kind words

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I joined The Wholesale Way less than one year after my business' product launch and have grown it to a brand carried in twelve retailers all across the United States! As a first time business owner, I knew 700 Rivers had an amazing handcrafted, natural bath product line that our customers loved but the hardest part was not knowing what information retailers needed from me in order to have the most beneficial relationship for us both! Working with Em helped us bridge that gap. I've learned not only how to answer all the questions retailers ask when considering a product (before they ask them), but also how to set up my business for success by learning tips on social media, merchandising and packaging, and even how to improve our photography! It's also been fantastic working with an amazing community filled with like-minded entrepreneurs that inspire me daily! 
- Cathy, Founder of 700 Rivers

I started The Wholesale Way completely new to the idea of selling wholesale as a maker. I was initially hesitant to even give it a try, as I’ve taken many trainings that would fall flat, but after one class with Emily, I knew that The Wholesale Way was something different. Emily offers realistic and helpful guidance that meets you where you are, and shows you where you could be. Between the classes that are packed with real world tips from the perspective of a retailer, and the group coaching calls where she not only answers specific questions, but has fostered a supportive community of women who both inspire and can appreciate our shared experience as wholesale sellers, I can confidently say that The Wholesale Way has concretely changed my business for the better. I now have a wholesale program I feel confident pitching to retailers, and a growing group of retail partners, many of whom have given me positive feedback on how I run my wholesale program. In my first two months, I landed 8 retail accounts and now have more than 40!
- Allison, Founder of One and Only Paper


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