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it's time to clap back at overwhelm

Time Management Bootcamp

You’re going to walk away from this training with three new killer skills:

First, we’re going to kick off with an exercise that is going to reveal how you’re actually spending your time during your work hours. I’m going to go ahead and give you a head’s up: it’s not how you think. This exercise is going to be a skill you’re going to hone and use going forward to help you easily decide what tasks you’ll devote your time to each day. Our team uses this exercise each quarter to keep us on track in consistently using our time in the best way.

Second, you’re going to learn your new go-to strategy to ensure you accomplish your most important tasks each day. This one is especially a game changer.

And last but not least, you’re going to hone a skill that’s going to be your biggest secret to getting a lot done that’s actually going to minimize your stress, and maximize your impact.

flex your muscles

So let’s rethink the way you think about it + leverage that VIP resource.

I am SUPER passionate about time and equipping entrepreneurs with the knowledge + gumption to claim back ownership of their time by focusing on the RIGHT things, not ALL the things.

Here’s the deal: there is *nothing* more impactful in your business than spending your time on the right things. Nothing!

This training is for you if you have big dreams but feel like you’re in a bit of a holding pattern - a bit like you’re on a hamster wheel right now. You’re running and running and you’re not getting much of anywhere. Your business isn’t growing at the rate you’d love it to, or maybe worse, it’s not growing at all.

Or maybe you've gotten to the point of burnout and you’re tired of running on that dang hamster wheel, and you’ve stopped running altogether.

And if we’re being honest and dig REALLY deep, a lot of times you unconsciously keep yourself busy with easy work - lower level work - not because you don’t know the strategic things you need to be doing that you just never seem to get to, but because you’re scared. You feel a bit paralyzed when it comes to spending your time on the “right work” because you deeply fear it will be a waste of time and you’ll fail.

Are we on the same page right now? Okay, cool.  

I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve coached hundreds of women entrepreneurs and hear me when I say this: You’re not alone. You’re absolutely not alone where you are. In fact, I think 99% of entrepreneurs are sitting where you are. But sister, you’re about to join the women I’ve had the honor of working with over the years and the women business owners you admire — in playing big. 

Seriously, start here, friend! Don’t pass go without taking this bootcamp class FIRST. Your most important resource in your business is TIME. 

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Consider me your coach who's going to put the right type of weights in your hands.

And I"m going to stare you straight in the face and tell you that you're capable of lifting them.  That you have it in you -- that you've always had it in you.

Today is the day.  Let's get ya movin' and grovin,' sister!  Snag your bootcamp class today!

The best way to do that?  By taking action!

clap back at overwhelm + fear