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Wholesaling to Boutiques: The Podcast

Whether you want to start wholesaling for the first time but fear you're "too small" to start pitching boutiques...

...or you've got hundreds of wholesale accounts, but you want to know how to work with the changing landscape of wholesale in 2024...

...this podcast workshop is for you!

Fresh inspiration under your wings!

Answers to your most asked q's

Tangible action steps for sales

2024 economic retail predictions

Both beginner + advanced tips

Start or Scale Your Wholesale Income

Perfect for binge listening - here's a sneak peek into the 9 episodes!

How to Absolutely Nail Your Pitch Email


9 Tips for Sales in the New Economy


The Six Biggest Changes We've Seen



Create & Cultivate

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Because there's a lot of bad advice out there on the internet.  ;)

Providing a bit of my street cred...

- Alison, founder of one & Only paper

"I took Emily’s workshop completely new to the idea of selling wholesale as a maker. I was initially hesitant to even give it a try, as I’ve taken many trainings that would fall flat. I now have a wholesale program I feel confident pitching to retailers, and a growing group of retail partners, many of whom have given me positive feedback on how I run my wholesale program. In my first two months, I landed 8 retail accounts and now have more than 700!"

"Emily offers realistic and helpful guidance that meets you were you are, and shows you where you could be."

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Here's my official fancy bio: Emily Grey is a Professional Speaker and Small Business Coach for entrepreneurs who crave the freedom to flourish, helping them grow their income and impact without sacrificing themselves in the process.

After leaving Wall Street, Emily founded The Flourish Market 8 years ago, building it to a million dollar company in less than three years. As a sought-after business strategist, Emily speaks at high-profile events nationwide, has been featured in top-rated media such as Forbes, Shopify, and The Goal Digger Podcast, and she reaches more than 55,000 women weekly through her podcast, social media, and obsession-worthy newsletter. Emily’s clients often refer to her as a “Business Therapist” and their “Game Changer.”

When Emily is not helping her clients flourish, you can find her paddle boarding and kayaking, crafting killer cocktails, traveling the world with her wife, and being an overly obsessed dog mom to her sweet pittie and 2 (ridiculously wild) GSP’s. 

Learn how to win over boutique owners...from an *actual* boutique owner. 

(Hi, I'm Emily!)

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